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March 23rd beetches!


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Another amazing CSPAN moment.

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No comment necessary.

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I hope that the Dems start listening to Hagel’s rhetoric and pick it up themselves. If there were a solid block of Dems unified around putting a halt to this war, then I’m absolutely certain they will find more republicans desperately willing to reclaim their integrity and sanity by crossing the aisle to repudiate the republican slime.

Here’s the point, the opportunity is sitting out there waiting for ANYONE to grab it. Opposition to the war is by FAR a popular position. Whoever takes that issue and OWNS it will walk away with all the electoral spoils.

See here, here and here.

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Like a lot of people, I hate that the media seems so desensitized to reporting the full weight of casualties in Iraq. Specifically how keeping our troops there is destroying our military day by day. This diary at dailykos does so in quite chilling detail. If it’s supposed to be the conservatives who believe in a strong military, how long will they allow shit like this to continue?

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Hooray For Our Team – Kurt Vonnegut « mulligan stew

Found this gem while Tag surfing. It’s been facinating sifting through the wordpress blogs, it feels like a very large community more and more.

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An article up on Salon today, The bipartisan war on Bush, lays out the growing Republican opposition to Bush’s surge plans, at least within the Foreign Relations Committee. For the most part it’s all lip service, except, possibly Hagel. This article when considered along with Richard Perlstein’s analysis of Congressional maneuvers towards the end of the Vietnam war shows that the Democrats could be setting themselves up for a harder fight in 2008 than they imagined.

If they want to win in 2008, the Democrats had better stay at least two steps ahead of the Republicans when it comes to opposing th war in Iraq. Otherwise, Hagel could be setting himself up to be the “Dean” of his party, slowly pulling more and more republican contenders towards outspoken opposition to the war.

I do, however, have little doubt that the republicans will only continue to “talk” a good game when it comes to Iraq. There’s still too much of an authoritarian streak in the party to give their opposition to Bush any credibility. Unfortunately, this lip service may be enough to CONvince a decent block of voters that the Repubs are the only ones who can clean up their own back yard.

The Dems need to start taking some big steps, even at the risk of loosing a few legislative battles, just to show that they will continue to be the party of positive ACTION, not more useless words.

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