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The way they just cannonball themselves into the pool of political corruption, no wonder it’s gonna take a long time for the country to dry off. I’m sure this story is gonna get bigger and bigger, unless of course if it’s not overshadowed by an even bigger repulican abuse of power. Via TPM Muckraker:

Iglesias, whose last day on the job is today, says that two members of Congress called shortly before the 2006 election to push him on details related to his investigation of a state Democrat. Because he refused to be pressured to indict the Dem before the election, Iglesias says, he got the axe: “I believe that because I didn’t play ball, so to speak, I was asked to resign.” Iglesias told McClatchy that “the two members of Congress not only contacted him directly but also proceeded to try to wrest details about the case from him.”

A member of Congress directly contacting a U.S. Attorney is a no-no, especially in cases as sensitive as the one at hand.” Congressional questions about ongoing cases are supposed to go through a special office within the Justice Department to avoid the appearance of impropriety,” McClatchy reports. Iglesias says that he was “appalled by the inappropriateness of those contacts.”

This story relates to the sudden resignation of seven other prominent US attorneys across the country. Here’s the lead in worth noting:

…at least three of the eight fired attorneys were told by a superior they were being forced to resign to make jobs available for other Bush appointees, according to a former senior Justice Department official knowledgeable about their cases.

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After seeing an interview with Chalmer Johnson on Democracy Now last night, I dug up a pretty good clip of him on YouTube explaining in a fairly simple way how the mess in Iraq came to be. The fact that this sort of analysis has never been seen on a mainstream news outlet is the most obvious evidence that it has failed us in every possible way. You want to know the truth? You want to hear actual experts and bona fide historians discuss our current political context? Well then you probaby want YouTube, not CNN, MSNBC, or god forbid Faux News.

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Just plain fun

I don’t know how this didn’t result in a candidate for 2006’s Darwin awards.

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For those of you who routinely hit this site looking for “tim and eric suck” or the more case-sensitive “Tim and Eric suck”. Do yourself a favor and go see them live. Here are a few of the things you should expect:First of all, you’ll find yourself in short supply. At the Knitting Factory last night, the place was filled to capacity on both floors, all with pumped up fans (many of whom brought their own merchandise to have signed). The show opens with DJ Douggpound. You’re gonna think he sucks, but you’ll soon be wrong. The opening act starts off slow and then gets going really well, ending just when the crowd is really getting into it and kicking off the main act, Tim and Eric.Here’s how they made an entrance. Eric’s a little hard to make out at first, but the crowd reaction will clue you in. 

The show is comprised of video clips from Awesome Show mixed in with live sketches. Some old, some new. Here’s Uncle Muscle Hour:

And the number one reason to go to the show is to see the big secret that no one was allowed to video tape. I can’t even tell you what it is here because the entire crowd swore an oath not to blog or video tape it, and to smack anyone in the back of the head who did. All I can tell you is it involves some hidden camera footage of one of the celebs who appeared on TGTTM.

UPDATE: Okay, I’m closing the comments for this post. I really don’t give a shit if you like them or not. If they don’t make you laugh then it’s your loss, please move the fuck on. ‘Nuff said. But I will leave  you haters with an excerpt of T&E’s interview with the Onion AV Club:

AVC: Did you have any idea that Tom would be as polarizing as it was? People loved it or just didn’t get it at all.  

TH: I don’t remember feeling like it was going to be polarizing. It was a surprise. I guess the only people that had seen it before were friends, and people that were interested in seeing it, so we’d only gotten positive reactions. Obviously, when it came out, there was this other side. We were warned by Adult Swim, who said, “Listen, there’s this element out there of pathetic, sad people that feel it’s important to write on these message boards if they don’t like something. It happens to all our shows, and it’s kind of meaningless, and it represents a very small portion of people.” There’s also 90 percent of the public that would never know the show exists at all, and probably wouldn’t get it if they did. So we’re talking about this really small percentage of people that watch the show, and then out of that, there’s this little, little group of people that hate it —and love talking about how much they hate it.

AVC: But it’s still easy to take personally.

TH: It’s never fun to read death threats. It was always like, “I hate Tim and Eric, I hope they die, they should die.”

EW: Coming from a 15-year-old kid. Where you hear reaction is on the Internet, and you know who that demographic is. We’ve gotten such a huge positive reaction from people that we respect. A lot of awesome bands and actors have reached out to us; they just want to be on the show because they like it.

TH: Frank Black loves Tom Goes To The Mayor. That’s all I needed to know. You can send me a million notes about how you fucking hate the show, but if Frank Black says it’s okay, I can go home.  

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Cable Access GOLD

From Cracked Magazine’s The 7 Most Insane Moments from Cable Access TV

Here’s a preacher I can get behind:

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Via The American Prospect:

The real debate on Iraq begins with Congress’s consideration of the military budget. The president has requested almost three quarters of a trillion dollars to fund the military through September 30, 2008. More than $150 billion is earmarked for Iraq.

We have already spent $350 billion there, so the president’s proposal pushes our Iraqi costs close to the half trillion mark. At the same time, he is demanding a $100 billion cut in health care funding, falling most heavily on poor children, while he maintains his $200 billion annual tax cut, channeled mostly to millionaires.

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My new hero

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I honestly don’t understand the Tim and Eric hatred. Here’s today’s search terms:

Search Stats

Well you T&E haters, be sure to swing by tomorrow for some fresh YouTube clips of their live show tonight at the Knitting Factory. It’ll be so funny you’ll get pissed, or you’ll be so stupid that it won’t be funny and get pissed. Either way, if you wanna get pissed off because of Tim and Eric and their profound effect upon your lives, this is the place to be.

(P.S. Yeah, bitches, I OWN the tag Tim and Eric)

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