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Just a touch condescending, don’t ya think? Here’s a touch of the transcript of this CSPAN round table with Dick Gregory and Tony Snow:

I think politics and political coverage has become so polarized in this country…because it’s the internet and the blogs that have really used this White House press conferences to somehow support positions out in America, political views. And they will clip and digitize portions of these briefings to fit into their particular argument.

I sure hope Glenn Greenwald jumps on this one. They are completely unable to see the truth in front of their eyes. If they could stand up and call bullshit on this Whitehouse once in a while. If they could try to cover actual news instead of trivial tragicomedies like Anna Nicole and the crazy astronaut lady. If… who the hell am I kidding. That will never happen considering how the biz is run right now.

How DARE we take the opportunity the Internet affords us and CRITICIZE their failures and demand our own answers without funneling our message through their corrupt corporate for-profit media apparatus.

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WOLFMAN JACK Says this blog just reached 50 hits in a day baby!

oooWOOOOOOOO!! UPDATE: Make that 78 hits BABY!

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Le Grand Content

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Salon are whiners?

While I wouldn’t change my mind about keeping my Salon subscription going, I certainly will think of them in a different light if any of what this guy says is true (emphasis mine):

Greenwald is now behind a firewall almost as effectively as Paul Krugman is. And who’s heard from Krugman since the New York Times went “Select?”

Greenwald’s new Salon colleague, Juan Cole, has wisely kept up his old Web site. Greenwald is moving to Salon full-time and won’t. Then again, Cole has an academic salary to pay his bills. (Frankly, Greenwald deserves one, but that’s not my call.)

Salon whines that it must require registration (which tracks its users) or force them into intrusive TV ads to survive. And it barely survives at that, which supposedly justifies the stupidity.

A personal note. I’ve been to Salon’s offices. It was nearly a decade ago, but they were whiners then and they’re whiners now. They don’t know the Web, they come out of the newspaper business, and they have absolutely no intention of accommodating themselves to the Web. Back in 1998 they had 10 times the office space they needed, in a big office building off Market Street, at a time when even C|Net was stuck in a renovated warehouse near the north end of town.

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This should come as no shock to anyone that over the course of this blog, due to the everyday bullshit of life in an imperfect world, I’m gonna get pissed off at a lot of people and from time to time I’ll say things that will rub some people the wrong way. Everyone does it now, everyone’s thoughts are on the record. I’m especially pissed of at the archaic media to be playing “gotcha” on bloggers who’ve had less than a civil tongue when writing about people who are far more shrill, bigoted and shocking in their personal statements. I guess stories like these serve as some sort of pathetic payback for all the times bloggers have called bullshit on the incorrect and worthless pundits who fill a large chunk of the space in these ever dustier rags.

For a much more eloquent smackdown/breakdown of the media imbalance being exhibited by the New York Times, check Glenn Greenwald as always.

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Downtime Thoughts

With the wonders that will be “Web 2.0” or “Superband” (or whatever non-creative term gets applied to the next evolution of the internet), will come the creep of advertisers into the youtubesphere. Adult Swim’s online success will be the model, and the folks who brought us MTV are already gearing up for their “me too”, under the guise of Next New Network. I had an opportunity get a job there as a new media designer not too long ago. All I had to do was send out a DVD of my portfolio. For various reasons I never got around to it, and after a certain point I figured that if I really wanted to do it, I’d have made damn sure that my portfolio was in the right hands promptly.

For now, I’m a little more comfortable paying attention to what they are doing from afar. It just didn’t seem like something worth potentially committing to more time in NYC. Besides, I’m learning far more about the whole market of blogging and broadband video simply by doing my own thing round these parts. Which thankfully is something I can continue doing when I finally get my ass out to Chicago this spring.

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Hooray For Our Team – Kurt Vonnegut « mulligan stew

Found this gem while Tag surfing. It’s been facinating sifting through the wordpress blogs, it feels like a very large community more and more.

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