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Journal Recovery

I recently recovered an old journal that had been missing for almost 6 months and had been writing in regularly for about as long. It had most of my notes from my sketch writing and improv classes, as well as the seeds of a lot of different ideas for side projects. Amongst the other miscellaneous gems that have been recovered is an icebreaker question I had come up with and completely forgotten:

If you were Ray in Ghostbusters, what would you accidentally think of that would destroy New York?

Feel free to respond in the comments, you imaginary audience you.

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I’m supposed to be brainstorming ideas for [big photo client]’s new storefront design. It’s gonna be shit no matter how great of an idea I bring, so I just can’t be bothered. The world of corporate design is a sad, sad place… especially for those who love it, live it and breath it.

I worked with someone like this recently, albeit briefly. I nicknamed her The Wisdom Cube, because she had this awesome habit of weaving in her irrelevant stories into any conversation. Oh yeah, and if you had to get her to do something for work, there was no getting around the fact that she was gonna disagree with how you think it should be done and try to get you to let it do it HER way. Now even if you’d tell her that her way is impossible for some reason, she’d still insist that you hear her out.

Man, I’m glad that bitch got fired. That shit was annoying.

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Tom Robbins once wrote “Success can eliminate as many options as failure.” To me that’s a roundabout way of saying that it’s neither the destination or the path that are important, it’s your attitude towards whatever the fuck life throws at you. It’s also another way of saying, “becareful what you wish for, you may just get it.”

I feel this is an extremely apt phrase to keep in mind as I transcribe this journal entry from June 28th, 2001. I was working at DigitalDay at the time, a web design firm in north eastern Ohio now resurrected as DigitalDay Creative Group (Happy, Mark?). It was after the dot-com bubble started to burst, and I had survived one of what would eventually become three waves of layoffs at the company.

Total Urgent Waste

The day was as any, full of the routines of work and the maintenance of living. Work drew out like listening to a toddler trying to spell “disenchantment.” Approaching my job now as I used to, my various “drinking” jobs of college years, I am submerged in routine. Arriving somewhere between 10:15 and 10:30, over an hour-and-a-half past the expected time. Since, as we all know, the corporate machine’s black heart begins to pump its viscous, oil strewn, flipper-baby blood at 9:00 am sharp.

I drop my bag at the foot of my chair, sit down, pop open the email program to make certain that no one has spent the last ninety minutes frantically trying to reach me for whatever not-really-important-well-not-really-that-important-in-the-grand-scheme-of-all-things-non-related reason.

Once I’m certain my absence has not been noticed, it’s time for a stroll on down to the kitchen for some post-sunrise gasoline. Two sugars and a splash of cream and I make my way back to my desk, slowly, as to keep careful eye on the vaccum-breathed conversationalist vipers that lurk these greyish-grey corridors. Safely back at my desk, I sit and drink my coffee. Looking around at the dusty ol’ ‘net for something interesting to read, if i don’t find anything, there’s always The Onion.

Now I’m tired of romantizing the drudgery I must endure. See you tomorrow.

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fuck pesticide, ducks!

An interesting fact I learned today is that in China they figh swarms of locusts not with pesticides, but ducks! lots of fucking ducks. ducks that can consume almost four pounds of locusts each. i’m never letting a duck kiss me again.

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