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I’m supposed to be brainstorming ideas for [big photo client]’s new storefront design. It’s gonna be shit no matter how great of an idea I bring, so I just can’t be bothered. The world of corporate design is a sad, sad place… especially for those who love it, live it and breath it.

I worked with someone like this recently, albeit briefly. I nicknamed her The Wisdom Cube, because she had this awesome habit of weaving in her irrelevant stories into any conversation. Oh yeah, and if you had to get her to do something for work, there was no getting around the fact that she was gonna disagree with how you think it should be done and try to get you to let it do it HER way. Now even if you’d tell her that her way is impossible for some reason, she’d still insist that you hear her out.

Man, I’m glad that bitch got fired. That shit was annoying.

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