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Protecting us all from 10 year old girls.

Can we please just pass some legislation to protect the American people from the burden of antiquainted intellectual property laws? If the vast majority of the American people want to ‘steal’ music and demand that it no longer be a prosecutable offense, then let’s defang the RIAA already.

I’m sure that everyone would just figure out another way to make money off of the business of music. It will sharpen the market if anything. The most successful model for a music label will involve being very localized and dedicated to a few artists’ online promotional and distributional needs. And it would uplift the quality of live performances if that’s where the money shifts to. Live performances put money directly into the hands of local economies. The whole paradigm of marketing and distribution has to change before we will be able to truly harness the full potential of the Internet to re-establish the importance of local economies.

It’s happening now with the music industry, and as you can see it’s not pretty when the dinosaurs of the old media paradigm start to fall. They’ll need to grill a few young girls about their download history before they’ll give up their stranglehold on OUR music.

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The Black Angels

I ain’t heard rock this good in a while.


Buy everything on iTunes, it’s ALL good.

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This guy now regularly attends Comandante Zero’s shows. I shot this footage of him last night at the Bitter End. I went up to tell him he was definitely gonna be on Youtube the next day, and from behind him appeard this casually dressed British man who fired his card into my hand. “Excuse me,” he said, “but did you say you’re going to put him up on Youtube tomorrow?” Yeah, I say. “I’m a film producer, here’s my card. E-mail me the link when you post that.”

Best of luck Jeffrey.

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Not that anyone’s reading this, but if there is, and you live in NYC, go see Comandante Zero at the Emergenza Music Festival. There are four New York City rounds and we’re shooting to be in the finals. Bands go on to the next round by the vote of the audience, so we need your support. Tix are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Links & directions below the following awesome song below:

147 Bleeker St.
(Between Thompson and LaGuardia)

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iTunes Doesn’t Lie

According to my “Most Played” playlist in iTunes, here are the top 3 songs that I’ve listened to the most times and their respective playcounts.

  1. I Wanna Be Adored, The Stone Roses – 121 plays
  2. Leave a Clean Camp and a Dead Fire, JUNO – 63 plays
  3. Transatlanticism, Death Cab for Cutie – 52 plays

I don’t know what it says about me that my favorite song by the numbers is entitled “I Wanna Be Adored”.

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