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Glenn Greewald does it again with this piece on the widespread phenomena of neocon nepotism. Here’s the money quote:

It’s rather ironic (and almost certainly not coincidental) that neoconservatives love, more than anything else, to strut around spewing tough-guy Chruchill warrior rhetoric and to sermonize on the virtues of self-reliance — and are characterized in their political views by a total lack of empathy for the plight of others — even though they have chosen extremely coddled, privileged lives feeding off the accomplishments and directives of their mothers and fathers. And quite significantly, the political Leader they found to represent their belief system, to personify their contrived warrior pose, and to implement their radical agenda — George W. Bush — is the most extreme version of that coddled and father-dependent personality one can find.

This observation falls very much in line with my perception that the current crop of conservatives in power would be much better labeled as ‘authoritarians’ than anything else.

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