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WOLFMAN JACK Says this blog just reached 50 hits in a day baby!

oooWOOOOOOOO!! UPDATE: Make that 78 hits BABY!

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First Link

Just did a cursory check of the blog’s stats and I wanted to give a shot out to Paul Ahern for throwing lethologica it’s first link. Paul is a much better person than I, who am still sitting on a DVD I burned him of stuff from timanderic.com, but have been too lazy to find an envelope for and mail the damn thing.

Well, I’ll mail it out tonight buddy.

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My duty as a lurker

It’s time to accept it, I’m a true lurker. Now before I continue, there are those of you reading this who may not know what a lurker is. Since I’ve already said it three times, I might as well define it:

lurker n. – one who spends nearly all their time reading blogs and rarely contributes in comments

After reading through the “The Audience for Political Blogs” New Research on Blog Readership, I’ve learned that I’m in the second smallest minority of political blog readership, 14%–25 to 34 year olds. It finally hit me why I feel so in awe of these people who write and post and lead the charge on so many causes and speak with a casual authority that I can trust. They’ve fucking LIVED LONGER. Suddenly my role as a lurker seems appropriate. If I’m going to be sitting around the blogosphere’s campfire, I should be listening more to the older and wiser. Not that anyone’s reading, but I’m in no way being patronizing to anyone older than I am. I needed to have my inexperience pointed out to me amidst such a talented field of writers and analysts.

More importantly I’m going to dig more for items like this report and start drawing my own conclusions based on more raw data.

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Jess and I have decided to ban TV. For now it’s purely a voluntary ban. That is to say that we still subscribe to our cable, but we are electing not to use the 200+ channels and digital InDemand® as time-killers. We permit ourselves to deliberately watch specific shows such as Exras or The Wire (most HBO), but no more aimlessly wandering of the guide in search of anything but an original thought. I want to cut it out entirely, and save us the $80 it costs us for HBO and the digital package and just keep the high speed Internet. Hell, we can still watch and rent DVD’s and I can download just about anything that comes to mind.

Hopefully that is what this blog will become, the new occupation for my mind. Whereas I used to spend days filling it with whatever happened to be on the tv, I’m hoping to start dumping out some of the crap.

We just had a minor spat because Jess really wants me to come and watch Rome with her and I said no. She really wants to watch it now, but I had to say “No”. I started this blog posting damnit, and I’m gonna finish it.

The TV ban is cutting into deeper issues. Now that my mind is desperate for some sort of occupation, I’ve been dragging out my old journals. I realize that I’ve gone through this cycle for years, I get sick to death of spending years not moving towards my aspirations or distracting myself with trivial horseshit that I end up dumping out all this crap into various journals that I’m rarely lucky enough to lose. So i’m going to sift through them and start posting anything of mild interest or relevance to my current life.

This is sort of an inagural post for this blog, and a true purpose will eventually merge, but for now it’s purely a dumping ground for anything I can force myself to record.


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